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A Underwater Garden
Welcome to: Getting a Underwater Garden

This page will tell you how to go about getting a Underwater Garden.
A Mermaid
To attract the Garden Pond wildlife, you'll need to take your Garden underwater, down into the Garden Pond! To do this, you first need to attract the Fairyland Mermaid by planting an Underwater Toadstool seed. Plant the seed in ANY of the Fairytale Toadstool you own to grow it. The seeds are obtained from completing a Christmas Tree and opening the large gift underneath or dropped by every 10th Garden Pond wildlife you spot in other Gardens.
In the pot, you will need to plant a Underwater Toadstool seed, which will then grow to be a Underwater Toadstool.
Underwater Toadstool Seed A FG Underwater Toadstool
Once the Underwater Toadstool becomes Fully Grown in when the Mermaid will be attracted to your garden. When the Mermaid is spotted in your Garden, she will sit on your Underwater Toadstool and transport your garden to the magical underwater land at the bottom of the Garden Pond!
Once your garden is Underwater it will then allow you to attract the Underwater Critters.
The Mermaid will eat anything from ANY table. You can attempt to stop her eating your food once the garden is Underwater by planting a Supershroom.
A selection of critters can be attracted once a garden is Underwater. To see more details click our Critters tab.

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